Ember Cortex-M3

Generic module for the wireless standard 802.15.4 to use with zigbee/lo6pan/MiWi/etc, build on an Ember Cortex-M3.


Status: Prototyping..

Date Comment
2010-12-14 First pcb batch received.
2010-06-01 Project created.


This module is an improvement of the generic802154 using a Arm Cortex-M3 instead of PIC. Developed together with Erik Botö.
Currently we have the following PCBs:

  • A generic development card with a Cortex-M3, 3×10 GPIOs, 5V and battery supply circuits, JTAG and integrated Chip antenna and balun.
  • An USB expansion card to the above.
  • An Ethernet expansion to the above.
  • A Dimmer expansion for dimming 230V lighting.
  • A card same as the development card, but with an integrated dimmer and without battery supply circuits.


 First PCB batch
First PCB batch





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