Ignition system

Digital ignition system for a car.


Status: Done, depricated.

Date Comment
2002-11-13 Project created.


A replacement ignition system, for older cars with mecanical ignition system, for dynamicly changing the ignition angle depending on the RPM.


Development board A controller, PIC16F877, is messuring time between pulses from a HAL-sensor placed at the motor's axis and calculates the RPM. Depending on the RPM, it waits a certain amount of time before it creates a pulse out to a MOSFET ignitioning the ignintion coil.

Development setup In a four cylinder engine, two MOSFET's are needed.


Software PC software written in Visual Basic 6 for realtime changeing and saving delay time for quantified RPM levels. Also able to view current RPM.




The firmware is written in HI-TECH PICC using MPLAB.


Available on request.


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