Simple remote controlled light relay.


Status: Done, in use.

Date Comment
2005-05-16 Project created.


Simple one channel remote controlled relay for controlling lamps. The lamp toggles on or off using a Philips RC5 remote control (other protocol can easily be added), and which to use is hardcoded into the firmware. After eight hours, the relay are automatically turned off.


minilight board A 12V 2.6VA transformer and a 5V regulator transform the 230VAC to 5VDC. The controller is a PIC16F876 atttached to a 5V relay and a 38KHz IR-reciver.


minilight - Schematic Minilight schematic.

minilight - PCB Minilight PCB.


The firmware is written in HI-TECH PICC using MPLAB 7.21. The remote control code is hardcoded into the firmware.


Latest source code and schematic/PCB-layout can be found in repository
/software/trunk/Embedded/minilight/ and
/hardware/trunk/schematics/minilight/ in SVN.


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