S/PDIF Switch

2x Coax and 2x Optical to 1x Coax and 1x Optical S/PDIF Switcher.


Status: In progress.

Date Comment
2008-02-15PCB constructed and housing work started.
2007-06-25 Project created.


My surround sound system only has one Coax S/PDIF input, but i currently has two and soon three sound sources i want to connect digitaly to the receiver, one trough Coax and the other two trough optical toslink. To acomplish that i build a S/PDIF switch witch switches between two coax and two toslink inputs to one coax output, using the surround system's remote control.


Assembled view 1 Final assembled non-smd PCB. The core is an 18F1320 which decode the IR-data and control the multiplexer.

Assembled view 2


Schematic Schematic.



The firmware is written in Microchip's C18 V 3.16 using MPLAB 8.00.


Latest source code and schematic/PCB-layout can be found in repository
/software/trunk/Embedded/Spdif switcher/ and
/hardware/trunk/schematics/piCAN/ in SVN.


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